I always say I’m going to do this blogging thing.  I have one started for myself and one for my daughter ( who has apraxia and was going to detail her journey with it.  I start off with one or two postings and think I’ll continue and I don’t.  I see so many people with blogs who have so many interesting things to say and post about and I think why should I do this.  What do I have interesting to say or post about.

I like many people make the New Year’s resolutions to change – change whatever we feel needs to be changed – loose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, so on and so forth.  I make these resolutions too and end up failing.  I set out to accomplish something and my procrastination, fears, laziness, etc. get in the way every damn time.  My mind starts obsessing about things but I fail on the action of them.  I want to change for the better – I see so many things in my life that could be better and I’m not just doing it for me I want to do it for my kids too.  I’m in a rut/funk and need to get out of it.  Of course the crappy weather doesn’t help!  So tired of the cold and snow – it doesn’t make me feel motivated to do anything (probably a little season affect disorder going on)!

I want 2014 to be different.  2013 wasn’t great so 2014 needs to be better. 

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself but I guess you are your own worst critic. 



One thought on “Sigh

  1. Rhonda says:

    Funny thing about blogging…you build connections. People who can relate to you, to what you are going through, to your experiences or thoughts. It can be rewarding if you can push through.

    My 9 year old was diagnosed with apraxia 6 years ago. Also, 3 years ago we found out he was tongue tied. He’s still in speech, and it’s a long and frustrating journey.

    I hope you continue to find the things you love to write about and just write. I’m adding you to my bloglovin’ so I can keep up with you.

    OH! I just looked over and saw I’m on your blogroll and in amazing company over there. That is awesome and you just made my day! 🙂

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