If I leave

I contemplate that every day!  Leaving my job that is.  I would love to leave my job and honestly not have one.  I always said when my first daughter was born that I was not made to be a stay at home mom.  But now that my kids are in school full time I could totally be a stay at home mom.  I would love to have a clean house, clean laundry every day.  Would love to be able to go to workout classes that tend to happen during the day.  Would love to cook up a storm in the kitchen every day.  Would love to be able to run errands anytime I wanted.  Would love to not be tired or stressed out at the end of the day from working all day.  Would love to not be tied to this computer and desk freezing in my basement everyday (I do get to work from home.)  Working from home does have it’s perks.  I don’t have to get up early shower and get kids ready in the morning, I just throw something on and get them on the bus and run down to my basement to start work.  But I feel lazy!  It does sort of feel good to get up and get dressed in the morning and have a purpose to the day.  I can’t wait to get back to working out in the morning though – just wished it wasn’t so dark and gloomy and cold in the morning – that makes it so hard to get up to workout.

I absolutely with passion hate my job.  The only perk is that I do get to work from home and I am going to attempt to get the summer off.  It is a huge benefit now that I don’t have a babysitter anymore and can be here for my kids to get on and off the bus and I don’t have to put wear and tear on my car driving to work.   And if I am able to get the summer off then won’t have to worry about a sitter for the summer.  But if I leave and look for another job then I’d have to work around this schedule and probably get a babysitter which I don’t want to do.  I love my kids not having to go to one.  I love being able to be here for them.   If I leave and don’t have a job then our income obviously decreases and the kids and I won’t have insurance and will have to look to something else.  The other option is for my boyfriend and I to get married and we all go on his insurance, however his company due to Obama care have pretty much dropped insurance and have gone to other options.  If him and I do get married then I loose survivor benefits I get at this time until my youngest is 16.  It’s really not that much since I work so there is sort of a tradeoff there.

So many things to think about if I leave.


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