Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope


Hope for me is my daughter, Hayden.  We formed a team in the Apraxia walk this fall called “Hope for Hayden” I have hope that one day she will speak like other kids her age and that she will no longer be so far behind her peers because of her apraxia.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Chapel of the Trasfiguration in Grand Teton National Park.  A place where you could sit outside and stare at the mountains or find peace inside the chapel.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Nothing says launch to me like fireworks.  I love fireworks and will take any opportunity to see some especially outside of the 4th of July holiday.  This past October I got a real treat and got to see fireworks at Disney World (my first time there) with the Castle in view.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a DSLR camera at the time and the best I could get them was with my iphone, my point and shoot was sub par on this task.  I can’t wait to go back especially now I have my DSLR camera that I received for Christmas.

There are quite a few pictures here.  This is what I was able to narrow down the tons that I took down to my favorites.

Unemployment Office

So every year at this time I get laid off due to the Christmas season shut down – yeah thank you Merry Christmas to you too!

So therefore I have to deal with Illinois Unemployment Office – not fun!  I’d rather have a root canal on every tooth in my head than deal with unemployment.  They are an absolute pain in the ass!  Their website offers no help and to try to call and get something other than a busy signal is next to impossible.  And then if you do get someone its a receptionist who will take a message and maybe pass it along to some one who may call you back.

Last year when I dealt with unemployment I did my little certification process online (I brought my laptop with me to Wisconsin dells to do it so I wouldn’t miss it).  The following week I got a nice little letter saying I checked the box that I was not actively seeking employment.  Yeah – why would I? I had a job that I was returning to the following week.  I even put that I had a return to work date.  So why would I look for work????  Well I guess if you check that box then you don’t get paid.  On the letter it gave me a date and time I needed to contact the local office.  Yeah right!  I tried calling them on 3 phones!!!!!  Since I go nowhere with that the next morning bright and early I got to the local office to be met with a line out the door!!   I waited 2.5 hours to talk to someone for 2 minutes!!  I asked the woman who was helping me why would I look for work when I was going back to work.  At which that point I was back to work and missing work to sit in their office for over 2 hours.  So in the end I told her yes I did look for work and she let my claim go through.

So the lesson is when I get laid off from my current job even if it is only for a few weeks I’m going to look for work.  I am not going to lie to the unemployment office and loose out on money!  I need a new job anyway!  I hate having to go through this every year.

So this year I thought everything was good and low and behold it wasn’t!! Surprise surprise!!  I tried to certify on Monday and got error messages, thought maybe it was due to the holiday.  Tried Tuesday and oh you can only certify on your date or Thursdays or Fridays!! Screw you Illinois unemployment!!! I just want my $400!!  That is all I am getting as you have to wait a week each year.  So I hoofed my butt to the not so closest office just because I figured it wouldn’t be as busy and thank God I was right!  In and out in no time!  However someone called me back to tell me I was given the wrong information, blah, blah, blah.  At this point I was thinking the $400 wasn’t worth this hassle.  It would be nice but it’s not a matter of life and death for me to not have it.  It would help pay for Christmas that went on the credit card but that is a different issue.  So long story short the woman on the phone was able to help me and I just went on and did my certification, hopefully have the $400 next week.

My question is how many thousands of people are unemployed in the state of Illinois?  We’ve had such high unemployment in this state for sure why can’t we give a few of these people a job with the unemployment office? Hey there’s a novel idea!  It would be nice for those of us who have to try to call there to actually get a live body rather than a busy signal.  It would be nice to have more people in the local offices so those of us who have to go there don’t have to wait over 2 hours to talk to someone.  But I actually wrote to Govenor Quinn last year and suggested this.  I normally don’t write to politicians but I was so ticked off last year with my dealings with them that I wrote to him.  Yeah I’m still waiting for a response to my letter.  Don’t worry I’m not holding my breath!  Politics in Illinois is bad to say the least.  I am sure people around the country are laughing at Illinois politics – but I degress on that subject its not one I like at all so I’ll let it go at that.

So here is my rant for today – working on this posting a day thing so that is what I have for today.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

I chose this image of one of my favorite places in the world especially in winter Steamboat Springs, CO.  I love this place! I loved to ski here when I was younger (haven’t been on skis in awhile).  And it is beautiful in the summer as well.  Haven’t been there in awhile, my sis did a stint living there but has since moved back to the flatlands and just haven’t found a reason to go.  I actually had to dig this photo out of photo boxes and scan it in as it was pre-digital cameras. I am hoping to get out there sooner rather than later!