I hate Winter

I hate winter, I hate everything about it – the cold, the dreary no sun days, the snow!  I hate how I feel in the winter, I never want to leave the house cause it’s usually so crappy outside.  I hate the blah feeling that I have from the end of fall till spring.  I hate dealing with the cold and on top of it if there is snow on the ground.  Luckily this winter we’ve only had a dusting of snow although they have said we’re supposed to get over 50 inches of snow this winter here in the mid-west.  We’ll see if that happens, if it does it will suck even more because that means it is all going to come in January and February!  I wouldn’t mind the snow so much if it would stay off roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways.  It does look pretty on trees and covering the grass but that is it!  Snow is good in mountains for skiing and scenic places for snowmobiling.  Here we just have cornfields for snowmobiling, yay!  I do live in a crappy place for winter weather and have no hopes of moving soon – family keeps me here.  But I am planning to winter somewhere warm when I retire!